ARTF has supported investment projects since 2002. This page provides a list of the ARTF investment projects that have closed. For convenience, projects are grouped according to the same Afghan development sectors used to organize the list of active Investment Window projects. It is important to note, however, that the structure of Afghanistan’s development strategies has somewhat over time, so some projects may have been grouped in different categories at the time they were active.

Each inactive project page provides basic information about the project’s achievements, as well as a link to the project’s page on the World Bank website, where project-specific documents, including the Project Appraisal Document, any restructuring papers and the ARTF grant agreement, can be accessed. In addition to Implementation Status and Results reports, most completed projects will also have an Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR) that aggregates information on project outcomes.

Note that the ARTF also finances a small number of project preparation grants (PPGs) through the Investment Window. PPGs are grants that fund support to help the government prepare projects. ICRs are not published for these projects. Instead, PPG achievements are reflected in the ICR prepared upon completion of the associated project.

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