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Governance and State Effectiveness

Justice Services Delivery Project II

Our Goal

The objective of the Justice Service Delivery Project for Afghanistan was to increase the access to and use of legal services. 

How We Deliver

The chart above represents total allocations and disbursements during the lifetime of the project. To see the raw data behind this chart, go to the dataset and you will be directed to the World Bank Group Finances website. Once there, you can build your own views, share, embed, and download the data or your work. Read the instructions on how to build this chart from the raw data.

The Project: The Justice Service Delivery Project (JSDP) II was an $85.5 million, 5-year investment operation funded by the ARTF. JSDP assisted the Government in the implementation of the National Priority Program (NPP) in the justice sector, the ‘National Program for Law and Justice for All’.  The project supported the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General's Office in balancing the demand for and supply of core legal services, and in increasing the productivity of legal service providers. The project aimed to encourage specialization and close collaboration between various service providers; to align the structures, processes and capacity of justice institutions to the needs of users; and to improve access to legal information for legal professionals, justice institutions and the public. The project built on and expanded reforms which were supported by the $27.75 million, Phase I Justice Sector Reform Project which closed on December 31, 2011.

The project financed the costs associated with: (a) building capacity of front line legal service providers to deliver key legal services; (b) increasing scope and quality of legal aid; (c) improving access of the people to legal information and civil legal education; (d) improving management and provision of legal services by central justice institutions; and (e) building project management capacity.

The key outcome indicators for this project included: (i) scope and quality of legal services increased; (ii) productivity of legal service providers improved; and (iii) accountability of legal service providers enhanced. The implementing agencies are the Supreme Court (SC), the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Attorney General's Office (AGO).