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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation - Project Preparation Grant

Our Goal

The preparation grant supported the preparation of the Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Project. The development objective of this larger project will be to increase rapidly the supply of domestically-generated electricity to the Afghan power system in a safe and environmentally and socially sustainable way.

How We Deliver

The chart above represents total allocations and disbursements during the lifetime of the project. To see the raw data behind this chart, go to the dataset and you will be directed to the World Bank Group Finances website. Once there, you can build your own views, share, embed, and download the data or your work. Read the instructions on how to build this chart from the raw data.

This project preparation grant for $4.97 million was used for preparation of the project by Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) for preparing the Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Project. The grant specifically financed the following activities:

• MEW’s continued implementation of the rehabilitation of the mechanical, electrical and electromechanical parts of the Naghlu Hydropower Plant specifically relating to unit 1 and the balance of plant by financing contract MEW 302; and
• Consultants and other expenses incurred by DABS to strengthen its ability to prepare civil, dam safety and safeguards-related aspects of the project and the appointment of two expert committees as required by Bank policy.