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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Emergency Power Rehabilitation Project

Our Goal

The objective of this project was to provide and improved and more reliable power supply to the people in Kabul.

How We Deliver


The project’s development objective by the time of closing, was to be met by implementing the following components: 

(i)  Rehabilitation of Distribution Networks in Kabul: to finance a  supply and install contract to rehabilitate and expand the core medium voltage (MV) network in Kabul;

(ii) Technical Support for Project Management and Technical Implementation: for the management of Project implementation including: (a) undertaking activities of PMF; (b) carrying out procurement of a contractor to supply and install materials for Parts A and G of the Project; and (c) supervision of contractors and general Project implementation, monitoring and evaluation;

(iii)  Commercialization of DABM: to: (a) carry out due diligence and preparatory work to incorporate DABM; (b) commercialize DABM and provide technical support and capacity building to its staff; (c) thereafter,
recruit and maintain for at least two years a management team for DABM; and (d) design and assist Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) 4 to implement a private sector participation scheme.

(iv) Construction of Part of the Northern Transmission System: for (a) construction of a 110 kV transmission line between Chimtallah substation located 11km north of Kabul city, and the Kabul subtransmission
grid; (b) upgrading of two existing substations; and (c) installation of fiber optic ground wire for the southern section of the North East Power System 220kV line between Pul-e-Khumri and Kabul city.


  • 1,237,000 MWh increase in grid-supplied power consumption by customer in Kabul;
  • 75MW of hydropower capacity rehabilitated;
  • 11km of 110kV line constructed and 2 substations upgraded;
  • MV backbone distribution system in Kabul upgraded;
  • Construction completed;
  • DABS corporatized as a commercial entity