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Human Capital

Higher Education System Improvement Project – Preparation Grant

Our Goal

The development objective of the preparation grant is to support the preparation of the Higher Education System Improvement Project (HESIP).  The development objective of the larger project will be to improve the conditions for teaching and learning in universities.

How We Deliver

The chart above represents total allocations and disbursements during the lifetime of the project. To see the raw data behind this chart, go to the dataset and you will be directed to the World Bank Group Finances website. Once there, you can build your own views, share, embed, and download the data or your work. Read the instructions on how to build this chart from the raw data.

The preparation grant provides support for the preparation of the Higher Education System Improvement Project. HESIP is developed based on the findings in the Higher Education Sector Report prepared by the World Bank and the implementation experience of the Strengthening Higher Education project (SHEP). This project, when fully designed and ready for implementation, aims to support the updated higher education strategic plan and the development program for 2015-2019 that the Ministry of Higher Education is updating. Key elements of this updated program include increasing the participation of female students in higher education, expanding the stock of well-qualified academic staff in universities, developing systems for greater autonomy and accountability of universities, and improving the labor market orientation of degree programs.


Expected Results

  • Completion of construction of Economics and Literature faculty buildings (Kandahar University), procurement of laboratory equipment for the Alberoni, Balkh, Nangarhar, Herat and Kandahar universities, and professional and faculty development through completion of ongoing degree programs started under SHEP.
  • Existing National Higher Education Strategic Plan updated and a development program prepared for the period 2015-2019.