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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Short-Term Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

Our Goal

To provide sustainable, improved water supply and sanitation services to the urban segment of the Afghan population ii) To build the technical and institutional foundation for the medium-term UWSS programme iii) To ensure continuity of investment by benefiting from the implementation arrangements already in place and fully operational

How We Deliver


The Short term Urban Water Supply and Sanitation project included the following components:

  • Component 1: Kabul Water Supply Project. Construction of Upper Kabul River well field and associated transmission mains, reservoirs and distribution network.
  • Component 2: Kabul Sanitation – Wastewater, On-site Sanitation and Solid Waste. Acquisition of equipment and construction of new facilities, including a workshop, a septage disposal station, a solid waste transfer station and the first stage of a new sanitary solid waste land fill.
  • Component 3: Provincial Towns Water Supply and Sanitation. Provision of water supply and sanitation services in provincial towns through: (i) completion of rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation systems and initial expansion of systems in selected provincial towns; and (ii) new construction of systems in towns which are not served by a water supply network.
  • Component 4: Engineering Support and Technical Assistance to CAWSS and to Kabul Municipality. - Rehabilitation and expansion of water supply systems, through the carrying out of technical studies and construction supervision, consistent with the Environment and Social Safeguards Framework, for selected water supply systems and construction packages. - Provision of systems operation and management support, including capacity building, human resources management, technical support for financial monitoring, water quality control, and awareness campaigns and involvement of communities. - Conducting technical studies, engineering design and construction supervision for solid waste management and sanitation investments, consistent with the Environment and Social Safeguards Framework, including updating the Strategic Sanitation Plan.
  • Component 5: Financial Support to the CAWSS Operations. Provision of financial support for the operations of CAWSS, according to eligibility criteria, functioning, implementation, and monitoring arrangements specified in the Operations Manual.


  • 87.2 liter increase in level of water supply availability