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Irrigation Restoration and Development Project

Our Goal

Improve access to irrigation in targeted areas and strengthen capacity for water resources management.

How We Deliver

The objective of the Irrigation Restoration and Development Project (IRDP) for Afghanistan is to increase agriculture productivity and production in the project areas. This project paper seeks the approval of the Executive Directors to provide a grant in an amount of SDR 61.7 million (equivalent to US$97.8 million) to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for the Project. The grant would support the Government of Afghanistan (GoA) with the continued implementation of the national priority irrigation rehabilitation program to rehabilitate irrigation systems that had become dilapidated as a result of the long conflict and insurgency. The program is a key thrust to support agriculture recovery and has achieved visible results on the ground. The IRDP would scale up the program's impact and will fund: (a) rehabilitation of irrigation systems covering about 300,000 ha of irrigated areas; (b) the design and construction of a limited number of multi-purpose small dams and appurtenances, and associated irrigation conveyance and distribution systems in closed river basins; (c) establishment of hydro-meteorological facilities and services; and (d) technical assistance for project management as well as capacity building of Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) and beneficiary communities. The project is slated for co-financing from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) in accordance with the financing strategy endorsed by the GoA and ARTF donors.