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Human Capital

Education Quality Improvement Program II

Our Goal

The development objective of the Second Education Quality Improvement Program was to increase equitable access to quality basic education especially for girls through school grants, teacher training and strengthened institutional capacity with support from communities and private providers.

How We Deliver

The chart above represents total allocations and disbursements during the lifetime of the project. To see the raw data behind this chart, go to the dataset and you will be directed to the World Bank Group Finances website. Once there, you can build your own views, share, embed, and download the data or your work. Read the instructions on how to build this chart from the raw data.

The Project: Improving the quality of education is a critical ingredient for human capital development, poverty alleviation and economic growth in Afghanistan. While major achievements have been made since 2002, enrolling more than seven million children in school, the challenges remain daunting. A massive skills deficit cuts across all institutions in Afghanistan, from principals to teachers, and from managers to skilled labor force needed for the bulk of the reconstruction work and its maintenance. Increasing conflict in the country undermines further education access, quality and institutional capacity.

The Second Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP II) was a follow-on program to the Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP I). The Program was fully aligned with the Afghanistan National Education Strategic Plan and supports the institutional development of the program staff of the Ministry of Education.

EQUIP II aimed to: (i) increase access to schooling from Grades 1-12; (ii) strengthen the management capacity of communities to better manage teaching-learning activities; (iii) promote institutionalized district based teacher training activities nationwide; and, (iv) prioritize education for girls through a household scholarship scheme and the provision of high school teachers in underserved schools. Institutionally, EQUIP II is consolidating the following implementation systems: (i) the community and school-based management education system; (ii) the supervision and monitoring systems through the Provincial and District Education Departments teams; and (iii) the systems, procedures and skills within key departments of the MOE to continue to guide education services in a systematic and result-oriented approach.


  • Increase in girls enrollment;
  • Increase in boys enrollment;
  • Number of additional qualified primary teachers resulting from project interventions;
  • Number of additional classrooms built or rehabilitated at the primary level resulting from project interventions;
  • System for learning assessment at the primary level.