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Kabul Municipal Development Program

Our Goal

The Project Development Objectives are to: (i) increase access to basic municipal services in selected residential areas of Kabul city; (ii) redesign KM’s Financial Management system to support better service delivery; and (iii) enable early response in the event of an eligible emergency.

How We Deliver

The Kabul Municipal Development Program (KMDP) is expected to deliver welfare and human development benefits to approximately 777,380 people through services provided in 1773 hectares of government owned land. Equipment for the Roads and Sanitation departments of Kabul Municipality will combat pollution and improve service delivery as well as the city environment. Project support to develop a plan for improving the municipality’s financial management and planning capacity to deliver improved services to its people, will enhance KM’s legitimacy when implemented.
The project is being implemented by Kabul Municipality.


  1. 775,000 beneficiaries from upgrading of basic municipal infrastructure. 
  2. Number of people in urban areas provided access to all-season roads within a 500 meter range of project supported roads.
  3. Report on Financial Management reforms.