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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Afghanistan Power System Development Project

Project objective

The development objective of the Power System Development Project for Afghanistan was to support increasing access to grid power and the quantity of available power to the consumers in the target areas of the urban centers at Pul-e-Khumri, Charikar, Gulbahar, Jabul-Seraj, Doshi and Khenjan.

Project Summary

The chart above represents total allocations and disbursements during the lifetime of the project. To see the raw data behind this chart, go to the dataset and you will be directed to the World Bank Group Finances website. Once there, you can build your own views, share, embed, and download the data or your work. Read the instructions on how to build this chart from the raw data.

The project: Following a programmatic approach to rehabilitating and expanding the Afghanistan power system, the Afghanistan Power System Development Project built and complemented the investments made under the ARTF funded Kabul-Aybak-Mazar-e-Sharif Power Project and the Emergency Power Rehabilitation Project.

The project supported the Government of Afghanistan in increasing: (i) access to grid power; and (ii) the quantity of power available to consumers in the target urban centers of Pule-Khumri, Charikar, Gulbahar and Jabul-Seraj. The project is also supporting the establishment of a unit within MEW to promote energy efficiency and saving.


  1. Increased in electricity access rate in Charikar, Doshi, Gulbahar and Jabul-Seraj.
  2. Increased in power supply quantity to project areas in Pul-e-Khumri; Charikar, Gulbahar and Jabul-Seraj (in MWh).
  3. Initiation of the energy efficiency promotion activities in Afghanistan.