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Urban Development Support - Project Preparation Grant

Our Goal

The Objective of the activities was to facilitate the preparation of the proposed Urban Development Support Program which has the objective of creating an enabling policy framework and capacity at the national and local level to strengthen local city planning, management and service delivery.

How We Deliver

The Urban Development Support Program (UDSP) will finance technical assistance, capacity building and system development at the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH) and in 6 participating municipalities. The program will promote effective transversal urban management in the context of rapid urbanization and increased urban poverty and will finance spatial planning and feasibility studies at the city level to facilitate catalytic investments. These will be aimed at promoting local economic development and improved municipal service delivery. The proposed UDSP preparation grant will assist MUDH in mobilizing a core coordinating team to plan and manage the project, help prepare draft terms of reference for assignments, initiate date collection that will contribute to project design, and facilitate project preparation necessary to move swiftly into the implementation phase.

Key Results:

  1. Enhanced system of urban data collection and information management established at MUDH and participating cities informing policy decisions;
  2. Strengthened institutional capacity of MUDH to exercise its regulatory oversight functions;
  3. Improved urban development policy framework at MUDH;
  4. Number of participating municipalities with updated detailed spatial plans;
  5. Number of hectares of land that have been incorporated into updated spatial plans.