This section provides easy access to working materials of ARTF governance bodies.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets policy and strategy for the ARTF. Learn more about the Steering Committee here.

Management Committee

The Management Committee oversees ARTF finances and reviews proposals to commit ARTF funds to specific projects and initiatives. Learn more about the Management Committee here.

Strategy Group

The Strategy Group makes recommendations to the Steering Committee and oversees the implementation of the ARTF PFFP and individual programs. Learn more about the Strategy Group here.

Gender Working Group

The ARTF Gender Working Group promotes gender mainstreaming in the ARTF strategy, portfolio and projects. Learn more about the Gender Working Group here.

Incentive Program Working Group

The Incentive Program Working Group conducts policy dialogue on key revenue, public financial management, and structural reforms in annual Incentive Program Development Policy Grants. Learn more about the Incentive Program Working Group here.

Access an archive of Incentive Program Working proceedings under earlier phases of the operation here.