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Infrastructure and Connectivity

Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Project

Project objective

The development objective of the Naghlu Hydropower Rehabilitation Project for Afghanistan is to improve dam safety and sustainability of hydropower and to increase the supply of domestically generated hydroelectricity at the Naghlu Hydropower Plant (NHPP).

Project Summary

This project has three components.

  1. The first component, Mechanical, Electrical, and Electromechanical Works complements the rehabilitation of the electrical and electromechanical parts of the plant previously undertaken and ensures their sustainable operation. It consists of two subcomponents: i) Rehabilitation of Unit 1 and Balance of Plant; and ii) Enhancing Maintenance of the Powerhouse
  2. The Second component, Dam Safety and Power Generation Improvement aims to ensure the safe operation of the dam through the two subcomponents: i) Dam Safety Audit and Safety Improvement Measures; and ii) Optimization of Power Generation
  3. The Third component, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Project Management Support, and Future Project Preparation aims to ensure the environmental and social sustainability of the dam. It has two sub-component, i) Environmental and Social Sustainability and ii) Project Management Support and Future Project Preparation. 


  1. Improvement in the generation capacity (in MW) of Unit 1 in the NHPP
  2. Reduction in the total number of forced power outages in the NHPP
  3. Establishment of dam safety plans and periodic audits in accordance with international best practices
  4. Implementation of dam safety measures as recommended in dam safety audit reports
  5. Development of O&M procedures and guidelines that are in line with international best practices