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Human Capital

Higher Education Development Project

Our Goal

The Project development objective is to increase access to, and improve the quality and relevance of, higher education in Afghanistan.

How We Deliver

An estimated 500,000 higher education students, and 10,000 university academics, managers and technical staff members will benefit from the Higher Education Development Project (HEDP) over its life-span. As the universities are directly contributing to economic base of Afghanistan, the project will have a positive impact on economic development in the country.

HEDP is organized under two components. Component one is the Higher Education Development Program and will support five key themes; Increasing Access to Priority Degree Programs for Economic Development, Modernizing and Enhancing the Quality of Teaching and Learning, Improving the Qualifications and Skills of University Staff Members, Strengthening Governance, Quality Assurance and Accreditation and Stimulating Development Oriented Research. Component two is the Program Operations and Technical Support which aims to strengthen the capacity of MoHE and universities to implement the reforms. Support under this component will cover coordination, capacity building, innovations, monitoring and evaluation, research and communication.


  1. Increased student enrollment in universities in priority degree programs for economic development.
  2. Expanded number of universities implementing and monitoring strategic institutional development plans consistent with the National Higher Education Plan.
  3. Increased number of full-time academic staff members with at least a Master’s degree in priority degree programs for economic development.