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Afghanistan Health Emergency Response (HER) Project

Afghanistan Health Emergency Response (HER) Project
Project objective

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to increase the utilization and quality of essential health services in Afghanistan.

Project Summary

HER provides support to the health sector and is implemented by UNICEF. Given the urgent need for health sector financing, the design is focused upon improving the utilization and quality of the existing functioning service delivery mode and works through the service delivery mechanism used for public-sector service delivery since 2002. As such, UNICEF retains the tools, instruments, and model of service delivery through third parties. The project is designed with the flexibility required to respond to an evolving sector context, implementation realities and challenges on the ground, data availability, findings of monitoring activities, and ongoing operational lessons learned. Given its lead role in the health sector and technical capacity in Afghanistan, WHO also plays a critical role in technical advisory and implementation.