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Afghanistan Community Resilience and Livelihoods (CRL) Project

Afghanistan Community Resilience and Livelihoods (CRL) Project
Project objective

The objective of the Project is to provide short-term livelihood opportunities and deliver urgent essential services in rural and urban areas.

Project Summary

CRL provides support to communities inside Afghanistan and is implemented by the UNOPS. Its immediate assistance provides short-term employment and income to millions of Afghans while also improving access to basic services such as clean water and sanitation, roads, and basic neighborhood improvements. Women and vulnerable groups, such as IDPs and persons with disabilities, are especially assisted. Further, the project supports community-level systems and institutions for long-term resilience, sustainability and inclusive development. These community systems lay the groundwork for citizen engagement and a more accountable, transparent recovery. Finally, by engaging local private sector contractors in cities, the project  helps preserve the local civil works implementation capacity that has been gradually developed over the past two decades.