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The ARTF generates a large library of documents. This website hosts strategy materials, reporting on finances, results, fiduciary and monitoring activities and external evaluations, stories about ARTF at work, extensive records of ARTF governing bodies, and a range of related briefing materials. This page enables users to browse recent documents or search for specific materials by keyword, category and sub-category.
Third party monitoring |

Quarterly report of the findings from physical and financial monitoring conducted by the Third Party Monitoring Agent (TPMA) for World Bank-funded projects in Afghanistan, for the period between January and March 2021 (Q1 2021), in relationship to investment projects, including projects financed by the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF)

Third party monitoring |

As the first annual monitoring report under the ARTF Third Party Monitoring Agent (TPMA) contract that began in January 2020, this report by ATR Consulting and Integrity provides an overview of monitoring activities undertaken for investment projects from January to December 2020, and summarizes key findings.

Strategy Group |

Summary of Discussions from the ARTF Strategy Group Meeting held on June 28, 2021

Financial reports |

ARTF Administrator Monthly Report on Financial Status as of June 2021

Management Committee |

Minutes of ARTF Management Committee Meeting conducted on June 15, 2021

Gender Working Group |

Summary of Discussions from ARTF Gender Working Group Meeting from June 14, 2021

Strategy documents |

ARTF Partnership Framework and Financing Program for FY1400-FY1403 (2021-2024), endorsed by the ARTF Steering Committee

Steering Committee |

Summary of Discussions from ARTF Steering Committee held on June 9, 2020

Results reporting |

ARTF Scorecard providing information on the ARTF’s overall performance and on key results achieved by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoIRA) through ARTF financed projects and programs in the Year 2020

Incentive Program Working Group |

Minutes from the ARTF Incentive Program Working Group Meeting organized on June 8, 2021